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To us, watchmaking is not just a business, it’s a time honored tradition.

Deconstructed watch, gears, and timepiece.

True Craftsmanship Takes Time:

Declan James Watch Co. wasn’t founded on a whim. The idea of a watchmaking company that cared about every single detail of its timepieces—whether that be the craftsmanship, design, or sophistication—burned deep inside the mind and heart of founder and CEO Brian Dougherty for many years.

 Passion Meets Service, Integrity, and Dedication:

 It was in grade school where Brian developed his passion and some might call his obsession for watches. Even as a young kid, he was drawn to their functionality and beauty. Though his passion for watches continued into adulthood when he worked in commercial real estate, he knew it was not the right time to start his own watch company.

 Seeking a higher purpose, he decided to commit his life to service and join the Navy at 28-years-old. As a Navy SEAL, Brian learned the virtues of humility, integrity and leadership. He also learned the importance of dedication. As a mentor once told him, “It’s not that SEALs are amazing at what we do that makes us successful, it’s that we get back up every single time we are knocked down.”

Equipped with a newfound respect for service and a new humble fearlessness from his time in the Navy, Brian was ready to make the leap and found Declan James Watch Co.

 The Declan James Watch Co. Difference:

Being a Navy SEAL instilled within Brian a higher purpose and this is what guides his company today. It is not just about building a watch with fine craftsmanship and flawless design, it’s also about the love for his sons and a desire to start a tradition with them that they can be proud of for generations to come.

This is why every Declan James piece pays tribute to the heritage of watchmaking and honors those who came before us and those who will come after. Our company’s history is rooted in service, and we continue this lineage of humbly serving our customers with integrity and dedication.


We stand for:

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It’s an honor to carry on a tradition. We’re building a company that future generations can be proud of.

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